The Diabolical 2015 Hindi Dual Audio 720p BluRay ESubs

The Diabolical 2015 Hindi Dual Audio 720p BluRay ESubs

IMDB Ratings: 4.7/10
Directed: Alistair Legrand
Released Date: 13 August 2015
Genres: Horror ,Sci-Fi
Languages: Hindi ,English
Film Stars: Ali Larter, Arjun Gupta, Max Rose
Movie Quality: 720p BRRip
File Size: 1283MB

Story: The film opens as single mother Madison sleeps in front of her laptop computer which is open on a webpage concerning filing for bankruptcy. Awoken by strange noises, she checks the interior of the house and sees both of her young children – Jacob and Haley – are fast asleep. After returning downstairs, a grotesque human-like apparition appears and slowly approaches her. As Madison closes her eyes she repeats to herself that it’s not real and moments later the creature is gone.
As the paranormal activities within the house continue to occur more frequently, Madison juggles dealing with them as well as her financial issues and a budding relationship with Jacob’s science teacher/camp counselor Nikolai. One day, while out in the garden, Madison is approached by a man named Austin Hamilton claiming to represent a company that’s interested in buying her property. He assures her that they’re willing to pay a substantial amount that’s well over the market value and when Madison asks why he only reveals that her land is critical to their “future plans”. When Madison tells Hamilton she’ll consider it, he gives her his card and says he’ll expect to hear from her soon.At the summer camp, a bully named Danny picks on Haley and when he refuses to stop when Jacob intervenes, a fight ensues – Jacob breaking Danny’s nose. Furious, Madison chastises her son when they return home and even though she understands he was protecting his sister she tries to make him understand that he cannot keep losing control of his emotions.
Later that night, Nikolai comes over to the house for dinner and wine and the two talk briefly about their lives before meeting one another. Madison mentions her former husband’s anger issues and how she eventually had had enough – asking him to leave, while Nikolai recalls his past job where he didn’t agree with his colleagues’ methods and was forced to resign. The two make love and Madison indirectly asks Nikolai to leave as opposed to spending the night.
As the family sleeps, objects begin to levitate in Haley’s room and a pair of bloodied arms extend down from Jacob’s ceiling. Awoken by her son’s screams, Madison enters his room to find the apparition gone but suddenly a ghostly bald man dressed in white appears and chases the three throughout the house. Almost appearing to be a hologram, the apparition passes through floors and walls and when it attempts to grab Jacob and Haley it leaves burns on their arms. When Madison and her children attempt to leave the house, Jacob falls unconscious just beyond the front door and Haley is soon to follow. As Madison calls 911 for help and brings the children back inside she hangs up when both Jacob and Haley recover as if nothing is wrong with them.

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The Diabolical 2015 Hindi Dual Audio 720p BluRay ESubs

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